Today’s Bible in 90 Days reading: Deut 8:1 – Deut 23:11 Most parents love their children and want only the best for them. I say ‘most’, because our newspapers tell us daily of parents who have beaten, raped, and even killed their own children–and in these horrifying cases, the childrenContinue Reading

Consider all the items you bring into your home, the books, the music, the decor. Do these items honor the Lord? Do they edify your family? Do they help you to understand Christ better? Or, do they simply entertain or give you pleasure? Don’t get me wrong; there is nothingContinue Reading

Today’s reading: Numbers 21:8 – Numbers 32:19 Most of us know the story of Balaam and his donkey, but how many have noticed the follow-up tale? Upon seeing the Israelites enter his land, Balak, king of Moab, was terrified by the enormous numbers. Remember, that the Hebrews numbered over aContinue Reading

Today’s Reading: Numbers 8:15 – Numbers 21:7 We’ve all done; we’ve grumbled against our circumstances. We’ve wailed about the problems plaguing us day after day: sickness, poverty, unpopularity, loss of loved ones. Or we’ve complained about living in the same old house, wearing the same old clothes, eating the sameContinue Reading

Today’s reading: Leviticus 1:1 – Leviticus 14:32 Once again, I’ve discovered a tidbit in the law of God Almighty that I’d never before noticed. Most of you probably know that no blood is EVER to be consumed, for ‘the blood is the life’. Blood is sacred to Jehovah. But, apparently,Continue Reading