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UFO experts say ‘we are not alone’ – WTOP.com

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[W]hile most of us spent yesterday glued to the live stream of Philae’s landing on the comet 67P, a few others gathered on the campus of American University to discuss whether or not Earth has been visited not just by probes like Philae, but by alien beings.

Read the article linked to find out about the new ‘smoking gun’ evidence, which I’m sure I’ve actually heard about before. Is it possible that the autopsy images mentioned are somehow related to this story circulating in the 1996/97 timeframe? Just thinking out loud…

UFO experts say ‘we are not alone’ – WTOP.com.

Impostor: Gary Sinise and the Aliens

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impostor‘Impostor’ is a chilling tale of alien infiltration and government control. Yes, I know the word is really spelled ‘imposter’, but the film’s title is spelled with an ‘or ending, which I assume is intentional on writer Philip K. Dick’s part.¬†Gary Sinise stars as Dr. Spencer Olham, a patriotic pacifist who heads up a secretive science division within the defense department. The year is 2079, and Earth has been at war with aliens from Alpha Centauri since 2024, when Centauri ships attacked, killing millions and destroying major landmarks (like Washington, D.C.). Cities rebuilt and added protective force field domes that (theoretically) prevent the Centauri from reaching the major, protected cities. Of course, the less ‘significant’ cities burn. Continue reading