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Josh Tolley Show Archive

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[I] had a terrific time this morning speaking with Genesis Communications talk radio host, Josh Tolley. We spent two hours unpacking the Ebola threat and toward the end we were joined by Derek, my husband and fellow writer, to discuss nanotech and transhumanism. If you missed this lively two-hour talk, you can still access both hours in the archives. Just look for the Nov. 26th, 2014 program.

Josh was a very gracious and informed host, who made both Derek and me feel most welcome. If you’re reading this, Josh, we’d love to join you again–anytime!

My Latest Read: Artificial Evil Book 1 of The Techxorcist

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[L]ast night, I finished reading Colin Barnes’ very interesting book, “Artificial Evil”, Book 1 of The Techxorcist.  Techxorcism is a word I wish I’d coined, for it evokes images of the world that looms in our very near future, when–if I’m right–spiritual entities may well inhabit code, therefore becoming and ‘artificial evil’ of sorts. Barnes’ novel doesn’t quite take this route, but it’s food for thought as we approach what Ray Kurzweil and many other fellow scientists call The Singularity. Kurzweil views this as a moment in time, but others see the ‘singularity’ as a transition period. Some believe this transition of ‘shift’ has already begun.

The book is a ‘fish out of water’ story revolving around a man who is different. The blurb at Amazon reads like this:

In a post-apocalyptic future, humanity survives within a single domed city ruled by a shadowy organisation known as The Family. Gerry Cardle reluctantly runs the Death Lottery. It’s a job he despises, yet one which keeps his name off the list. Until one day, despite his agreement with The Family, his name is inexplicably drawn next.

As Cardle is drawn into a post-apocalyptic world outside the Dome, his abilities rise to the surface: he is something new. It’s hard to tell just what Barnes’ worldview is, but transhumanism is listed as one of the reasons for the ‘Cataclysm’.

The best way I can describe the book is Blade Runner meets The Artilect War (Hugo deGaris) meets Mad Max. It’s a quick read, and the writing is excellent. Best of all, it’s ‘free’ in Kindle format, so you can’t lose anything more than a good night’s sleep because it is a page turner.

Buy the book here: Artificial Evil Book 1 of The Techxorcist eBook: Colin F. Barnes: Kindle Store.

Tom Horn’s new documentary on Transhumanism is finally ready for prime time!

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A few years ago, at the first Future Congress in Branson, I had the honor of being interviewed for a documentary film put together by Tom Horn discussing the cutting edge science of transhumanism. Horn also filmed a question and answer session with me in Colorado last summer at the Prophecy in the News conference. (Thanks, Tom!) If you’ve not heard about transhumanism, then you’re not alone. Many intelligent people are blissfully unaware of a drive to ‘better’ mankind via genetic- and/or computer-enhancement.  Homo silica may one day be a reality as scientists seek to create Adam 2.0. Here’s a peek at the newly released trailer for Horn’s doc:

Hacking the Ladder: CRISPR/CAS9 technique can make germline changes

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Addgene  CRISPR Cas Plasmids for Genome Editing

Screen cap from a website offering CRISPR associated enzymes packaged within plasmids for sale to researchers. Click to enlarge.

[J]ust what makes me human? Is it my appearance, my brain, my ability to type this article? An evolutionist will say that my genome indicates that I am a 20th century product of a pairing of the Homo sapiens species. A transhumanist might say I’m a transitional transhuman on my way to becoming more.

I say I’m human because God created me as such, born a descendant of Noah, who was himself a descendant of Adam.

Each of us is born with a set of genes (our genome) that are a unique combination of our parents’ genomes–and that this combination, though open to mutation or change through environmental stresses, is basically a ‘read-only’ set of instructions. However, in the realm of modern epigenetics and even metagenetics, Science is now capable of changing my unique instructions even before a child is born, so-called in utero gene ‘therapy’. Moreover, these same scientists also claim the ability to alter not only me but also any offspring I might bear. No, this is not the plot of my next novel–it is genuine, cutting edge, lucrative scientific technique. Continue reading