Cover Art for Blood Lies

The cover for Blood Lies is being built, but here is the sneak look at the front. Jeffrey Mardis is the talent behind many of the Defender Publishing books, and he’s done a wonderful job on Blood Lies. Thank you, Jeffrey!

Researching Ripper

Catherine Eddowes, sketched as she appeared in life. Artist unknown.

By Sharon K. Gilbert

Though the core plot and characters of The Redwing Saga series of books encompasses far more than Jack the Ripper, this series of brutal slayings does play an integral role in the early books in the series. Researching these murders is made easier with the advent of Internet archives. There are numerous Ripper websites, but one that I’ve found very useful is, which not only provides commentary but also original texts of police reports, newspaper articles, and even post-mortem reports. This morning, I’ve been reviewing the report submitted by Dr. Frederick Gordon Brown, who examined the body of Catherine Eddowes, both on scene and at the Golden Lane mortuary.

It’s heartbreaking to read how this woman met her last moments of life. Photos show an emaciated form, striped with horrific cuts and slashes, but Brown’s description makes it more chilling, because the murderer clearly ‘staged and posed’ much of what the police discovered that night. ¬†When Catherine Eddowes lived, she surely never imagined that her name and final images would form substrate for a monster.

The Website for My Novel Series is Up!

By Sharon K. Gilbert

Many of you have been kind enough to ask about the progress and publication of The Redwing Saga’s first book, Blood Lies. I’ve talked about writing this series often during the past year, and we’re finally in the homestretch. I submitted my manuscript for final review, and it should be going to the typesetter in a few days.

So, now the website is online! I’ve added a Prologue preview for those who are interested, and many of you have already read it and sent me notes that you’re looking forward to reading more! Thank you!

It’s been a labor of love putting this book together, and now I’m in the editing process on Book Two (Blood Rites). It’s my hope to release it later this year.

Here’s a link to the website: