Real Life Game of Risk: Is Putin Setting Up the Board to Invade Israel?

August 12, 2008

IT’S ALL ABOUT POWER, and it’s all about to escalate. The spiritual entities that lie behind every world leader are waging a war for control — a war against the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. The ultimate prize in this continuing war is Israel, God’s chosen nation.

Students of Biblical prophecy will recognize the phrase Gog and Magog War, and I’d dare say at this point, many non-scholars will as well. As the war in Georgia leads into its fifth official day of fighting, I can’t help seeing a terrifying alignment of military incursions with one final goal: Invasion of Israel.

Take a look at the map below of the Black Sea Region.

Note the countries that surround the Black Sea are clockwise: Ukraine (which includes an ‘autonomous region’ called Crimea (the little island off the southern coast of Ukraine), Russia, Georgia (that includes the autonomous region of Abkhazia, which directly borders the Black Sea), Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania. Now, let’s take a look at the US Missile Defense Shield countries: So far, the Czech Republic and most probably Ukraine have signed on. But word is that the US wants installations in Georgia as well. With Ukraine and Georgia seeking NATO membership (Georgia’s might be fast-tracked now), expect NATO bases to pop up in both countries.

In other words, within the coming five years, the United States, the EU, and NATO (eg. the West) will position themselves to foil Russian plans in the region.

Note, too, that the Russian Navy is currently based in the Black Sea courtesy of Ukraine, but Ukraine has ordered Russia to close up shop. That’s where the ‘autonomous region’ of Crimea comes in.

So, what am I getting at? Here’s the batting order:

1. Putin takes South Ossetia and even incurs into Georgia.
2. Putin takes Abkhazia (the Russians are already there).
3. Putin ‘assists’ Crimea in breaking totally free of Ukraine.
4. Putin invades Turkey on the way to Israel.

Jesus Christ stands ready to return for His Bride, but we may well see the Gog Magog invasion before the trumpet sounds. Iran, Syria, and a host of Muslim nations all have military alliances with Russia. Right now, Israel’s nuclear capabilities provide a major deterrent against an Iranian attack. But Russia is a nuclear power, and a sudden invasion by the Soviet Bear would not only stun the world, but could appear impossible to stop.

Except for Jesus. He can and will stop it. A miraculous deliverance will take place, and God’s chosen people Israel will see God’s face shine upon them once again. The Seventieth Week is nearly here. Are you ready? Do you know Christ as Savior? Don’t wait until tomorrow. Now is the time for action. Now — before it’s too late.