Delay in Realms of Fire Release

Due to a hectic summer followed by a shoulder muscle tear, it’s been very difficult to finish the manuscript for Book 5 of The Redwing Saga: Realms of Fire. Some have suggested I use dictation software, but it never works with the way my brain is wired to my fingers for some reason. It’s as though the story flows out of my hands. I’m also a painter, which may explain it a bit.

That being said, it’s my prayer that the book will be available by Christmas with Book 6 available by next May or June. The plot is taking some very interesting directions, so I hope you’re willing to wait a bit longer.

Thanks to all who’ve been praying for me. The pain in my shoulder is pretty intense some days, but I take it as the Lord telling me to read a book for a change, rather than write one. 

Blessings to you all!