Realms of Fire Release Delayed Slightly

Many of you have written to me, asking when Book 5 will finally be out, and I’d love to say NOW, but I’m still working my way through the first edit. As you probably already know, travel and illness kept me away from the keyboard for many weeks, causing a major delay in the book’s manuscript.  Ah, but travel is done for the year, and both Derek and I are FINALLY well again. Mine was a shoulder muscle injury, followed by three weeks of a stomach bug; not fun. I still have to be careful with food choices, but overall, the worst is over.  Derek’s was a severe cold, which nearly became bronchitis, but the Lord put a stop to that. Praise His Name!

So, what’s the timetable? I’d hoped to release the Kindle version on Christmas Day, but a top secret SkyWatch project has preempted my editing this week. We’ll reveal the SECRET very soon.

Bottom line: The book will be released end of December or in early January. Thanks for all who’ve been praying. We love you guys!