Katherine Adamson hadn’t expected to find her hometown infested with demons. Following the sudden death of her aunt, Celeste Adamson, Katy returns to Eden and finds the town in an uproar. Two well-loved, high school teens have disappeared, leaving only a running car and a bloody shoe. Strange lights haveContinue Reading

“We’re so sorry, but your father passed away twenty minutes ago. Would you like to speak with his nurse?” With these words, Dr. Maggie Hilliard Taylor begins a yellow brick road journey that will forever change her concept of reality. As an avian flu epidemic grips the country, a mysteriousContinue Reading

MY NAILS ARE BREAKING, but the wordcount is steadily climbing.I’ve never had beautiful nails, but they’re servicable — they keep the ends of my fingers from hurting every time I hit a keystroke. About an hour ago, I hit the magic halfway mark for NaNoWriMo — 25,000 words — soContinue Reading