Sheer Speculation on the Greek Word: Phobetron

September 13, 2011 21

Every time I read God’s Word, I stumble across phrases, dates, passages, and sometimes individual ‘words’ that leap out at me. This morning, it happened again. I’ve been working my way, haltingly I’ll admit, through […]

Repost of an old dream….

August 25, 2011 0

In very early 2009, I had a very disturbing dream that I described in a post from March 22 of that year. Since that time, I’ve watched and waited, knowing that Washington DC must surely […]

Does Spiral ‘Sign’ Point to Obama?

December 10, 2009 7

(THE SUN) — A MYSTERIOUS giant spiral of light that dominated the sky over Norway this morning has stunned experts — who believe the space spectacle is an entirely new astral phenomenon. Thousands of awe-struck […]

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