AS MANY of you know, I’ve been fighting a fibromyalgia flare-up for several days now. It had gotten a bit better, but it’s now flared into an inferno, becoming a major hindrance to my ability to think much less write coherently. After praying about it, I’ve decided to take aContinue Reading

PLEASE keep Derek and me in your prayers. We may be under a spiritual attack, or it could just be aging bodies! Either way, your prayers and petitions to our Lord will accomplish much. Derek’s back is complaining, though he seldom does. My fibromyalgia has decided to once again rearContinue Reading

The Gilbert Clan will be taking a well-deserved breather over the Independence Day weekend. As such, we will not be producing a new PID Radio on Friday night (July 3). However, Derek will be posting a new VFTB interview with Jason Offutt, author of ‘Darkness Walks’ and ‘Haunted Missouri’ onContinue Reading