Operation BlackJack: Game Over?

A poster (Wiselybear) at the David Icke forum has taken credit for the entire Operation BlackJack scenario. “Wiselybear” is (reportedly) none other than Justin Williams, who works for the Telegraph. Now, assuming this person really is Williams, why would he or anyone at the Telegraph find it necessary to post a series of slides that inherently threaten the lives of millions of people? If a child in school were to draw a picture of a nuclear cloud over a town or a person, that child would very likely be suspended from school or worse. Where is the justice for someone who threatens four nations (UK, Canada, US, and Mexico) under the guise of ‘entertainment’?

Honestly, we should all be relieved if it’s all been a game. But I’m not laughing. Neither should the authorities. Mr. Williams should receive, at the least, a stern reprimand, if not lose his job. Shame on you, ‘Wiseleybear”. Your so-called ‘wisdom’ is lacking in kindness and a gentle spirit. We’ll keep you in prayer, sir.


  1. Well I’d have a chat to an kid who was drawing stuff like that, but suspend them?!?! That’s nuts.

  2. Wow – that whole story and 5 part story was just like Jericho! Well done and could be the a future ARG for the upcoming Jericho comic and Movie in development!

    The story clearly said fiction right up front.

  3. Just because anonymous person comes forward and says this comic is their doing, does not make it so. This person could not be who he/she is reported to be; could be have been a whistle-blower who has been forced to recant what they know to be true; or forced to allow it to be recanted, etc. There are too many scenarios to let our collective minds not continue to be on high-alert. If federal authorities were informed, this could well be to get them not to take this seriously, if it is, indeed, serious.

    Obviously, I am still not convinced it is a “game”.

    God Bless, Juli

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