What ‘message’ is Drudge sending today?

The image to the left is front and center at Drudgereport today with the headline: SUMMER CANCELED, linking to an LA Times article about the spread of the gulf oil spill.  Ordinarily, Drudge and others reporting on the BP catastrophe accompany their articles with photos showing oil-drenched wildlife or enraged politicians. But this is something entirely different.

Summer canceled? Summer…as in families on the beach? Instead, we see the destruction of the United States, inundated in oily waters. When I saw this photo this morning, a chill ran down my spine. It reminded me of a dream I had last year….a dream that ended with terrifying words echoing in my mind as if their speaker were shouting in my ear. FAYIT, FAYIT, FAYIT. Indonesian words for BANKRUPT. In that dream, Washington DC (representing our government and in many ways, our commerce, our place in the world, our people) was lashed by storms and eventually flooded. (You can read the dream here).

As I write this, the United States truly is on the verge of ‘drowning’ in debt–in fact, the entire world sits upon the point of an economic knife. We could all wake tomorrow to find ourselves in a dramatically shifted ‘new world order’ where dollars are worthless.

So, what is Drudge saying? What might he REALLY be implying about ‘summer’ being canceled?