SINCE when does the so-called Family Channel host so many programs that center around transhuman themes? Simple answer: when Disney owns it. Back in the late 1990s, Fox’s Rupert Murdoch (Newscorp) and Haim Saban made Pat Robertson an offer he couldn’t refuse — sell his highly successful Family Channel andContinue Reading

WHAT true Scifi fan doesn’t look forward to the cheese and corn amply provided by SciFi Channel’s original productions, where monsters and science collide? Where else can one find Bulgarian actors hobnobbing with Hollywood’s B-list with such regularity? Where else indeed can a bachelor electro-creature from another part of theContinue Reading

Surveillance video from Lake Highlands High School showing muffin delivery. By SHARON K. GILBERT May 24, 2006 MAYBE I’m just a leftover from paleo-education days, but when did it become dangerous for teachers to consume baked goods delivered by a student? May has brought us two such floury tales, oneContinue Reading