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Real Life Risk: Assad and Abdullah Join the Game

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Assad, left, shown here with Iran’s Ahmadinejad, says he ‘represents Iran’s interests’ in his meetings with Russia.

August 21, 2008

WHILE the US media hold their collective breath awaiting Vice Presidential revelations from Obama and McCain, a strategic meeting is taking place in the resort town of Sochi, Russia.

This bustling vacation spot lies nestled against the majestic Caucasus Mountains, and serves as an important Russian access point to the Black Sea. Ironically, Sochi was once called the Kingdom of Egrisi and formed the western rank of ancient Georgia. Ceded to Russia following the Crimean War, Sochi grew prominent as a resort town during the reign of Joseph Stalin, who built a second home, or dacha, there. Vladimir Putin continued in Stalin’s tradition, at least where Sochi is concerned, investing large sums to modernize the city. Olympics fans may find the name ‘Sochi’ ringing bells. The sprawling resort has been named host city for the 2014 Winter Games.

So, why would such a beautiful, harmless city be at the center of geopolitics? To answer this question, one need only take a look at recent activities there. Dmitry Medvedev has been holding court in Sochi, hosting numerous political leaders, including Condoleezza Rice, Angela Merkel, and now Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. Continue reading

David Flynn’s “Temple at the Center of Time” Is a Must-Read

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Flynn has deciphered Isaac Newton’s greatest discovery: None other than ‘the unified field theory’ of Bible prophecy.

July 17, 2008

IF YOU’RE NOT familiar with David Flynn, then you must have spent the last five years living underneath a rock, or else you’re brand new to the internet. Either way, Flynn’s work has become standard reading for anyone attempting to reconcile Bible prophecy with UFOs and the ‘Face on Mars’. His ground-breaking book, Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars sold out long ago (if you’re lucky, you might find a used copy online). And I have no doubt that this one will follow suit (hint: order your copy today).

Derek and I are blessed to have one of the rare copies of Cydonia, and I’ve read it through, cover to cover a dozen times over. This being said, you can imagine how thrilled I was to learn David has turned his numerical acumen onto the very scriptures themselves — following in some very large footprints, those of renowned mathematician, Sir Isaac Newton. A note of caution to those who read this amazing work: Prepare to have your head explode. Continue reading