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Dr. Martin Salia has died in Omaha

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[T]he second Ebola patient to die in the United States is Dr. Martin Salia, a Sierra Leone surgeon who contracted Ebola sometime shortly before Nov. 6th, when it is said that he first presented symptoms consistent with EVD. On that date, his blood tested negative for Ebola Virus, but a subsequent blood test on November 10 came back positive. Salia arrived in the US on November 15th, where Omaha, Nebraska experts who had previously seen success with Dr. Richard Sarca and reporter Ashoka Mukpo.

Surgeon infected with Ebola virus fights for his life in Omaha

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[D]r. Martin Salia has now arrived in Omaha, Nebraska where he is being treated for what appears to be advanced Ebola Virus Disease (formerly called Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever). Salia’s condition is described as “extremely critical’ as of this morning. According to Fox News:

Salia, a Sierra Leone citizen who lives in Maryland, first showed Ebola symptoms on Nov. 6 but tested negative for the virus. He eventually tested positive on Monday. — via Surgeon infected with Ebola virus in ‘extremely critical’ condition at Nebraska hospital | Fox News.

So, with this timeline, Dr. Salia tested negative on Nov. 6 but tested positive on Nov. 10th. Remember this, the next time we’re told that a person tests negative for the virus and then is told he/she may return home to ‘self monitor’. Dr. Salia apparently became ill enough that the decision was made to remove him from West Africa to of only a handful of BSL-4 level treatment centers here in the US. We pray he does well, and that all measures will be taken to ensure his survival.