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Molecular Babylon, Part I: Can Olympic Aspirations Beget Superhumans?

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Medal Standings as of 7:30am CDT Aug 11 – (Source: Telegraph.co.uk)


By Sharon K. Gilbert


LAST NIGHT, while waiting to ‘get sleepy’, I tuned into the BBC News channel on our Roku box to catch up on the latest Olympic results. The first image to greet my curiosity was a chart of the medal standings. As you see from the chart to the left, the United States holds a comfortable lead not only in the overall number of medals, but also in the number of gold medals.

Since these world ‘games’ are touted as being a unification of the world countries in one place, with one dream, one cause (I’ll save the analysis of that Babylonian redux and its spiritual motives for another essay), why should numbers matter? Isn’t the whole point to share a friendly rivalry in peace? Of course it isn’t the point! Every country wants to take home the gold, and denying it is pointless. Continue reading

Olympic Tower of Memory or Babel Revisited?

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August 25, 2008

SOMETIMES television inspires; sometimes it disgusts; sometimes it teaches. Last night’s NBC airing of the Chinese Olympics’ Closing Ceremonies managed to do all the above plus more: it programmed and revealed.

If you missed it, I’m betting YouTube will soon have it. Possibly, NBC will run highlights, hoping for continued advertising revenues. But if you were there last night, comfy on your couch, then you may have had the same reaction Derek and I had at the ‘in-your-face’ symbolism called ‘The Memory Tower’.

As with the imagery in Greece back in 2004, China’s pageantry captivated the imagination, and implanted pagan ideas. Greece showed us Mercury bringing fire to humanity, ironically repeated in August on the very night of China’s opening ceremony (08-08-08 — the triple ‘888’ is Christ’s number — read ‘AntiChrist’ or ‘False Christ’ here) when Russia and Georgia opened fire in the Caucasus, the very region where Prometheus (Mercury) delivered his fiery gift. Continue reading