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BBC News – Dozens dead in Nigeria school blast in Potiskum

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[W]est Africa and especially Nigeria remain in the cross-hairs of prophetic events. Although Nigeria has officially been declared an Ebola-free zone (for now), the African nation continues to deal with incursions and terrorist acts from the anti-western group Boko Haram.

A few days ago, 18 alleged Boko Haram activists were captured and then shot by police–an event currently under investigation, so is this suicide bombing an act of revenge or just another devilish tack in their war against any form of western education? According to the report at BBC News:

Dozens of boys were burnt to death, shot or killed with knives in the dormitory. Female students were spared but told to never attend school again, go off and get married. Boko Haram wants the education of boys to be limited to strict Koranic studies only.

The insecurity in the north-east is so rampant, with entire towns and villages now in the jihadists’ hands, it will be extremely hard for other bombings to be prevented.

“At about 08:00am [07:00 GMT], a suicide bomber disguised himself as one of the male students and while the school was holding its normal assembly, the bomb went off,” Mr Ojukwu said.

He added that police were investigating the explosion.

Always remember that Nigeria, along with all of West Africa, continues to form partnerships with wealthy corporations from the US, Russia, China, and Europe. Good Luck Jonathan, the nation’s leader, is in a precarious position as president, and some see Jonathan’s decision to run again as foolish and even harmful to the nation:

[Dr. Paul Unongo] said, “He is a complete disaster to Nigeria. He has made us look so ridiculous in the eyes of the world. Some little thing called Boko Haram that started like a joke is laying claim to large junk of Nigerian territories.

“Huge cities have fallen into the hands of these people. You find them with the kind of equipment that is meant to be for the Nigeria army.”

According to Nigeria’s ‘Leadership’ newspaper, this suicide bombing comes on the heels of another when a bomber ran into a Shiite procession, killing 30 and injuring 89 in the same town (Potiskum). If, as Unongo claims, Boko Haram is equiped like an army, then one wonders what other tacks they may choose to use–and where.

For more on the school bombing, see BBC News – Dozens dead in Nigeria school blast in Potiskum.

Ebola Virus: Nigerian Patients to Be Given Nano Silver – WSJ

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[R]ecently, the Wall Street Journal and other news outlets reported that President ‘Goodluck Jonathan’ of Nigeria is considering using Nano Silver to combat the growing Ebola threat.

While it’s understandable that people in Nigeria are terrified of Ebola within their borders, it is unknown whether or not Nano Silver will stop Ebola from infecting or reduce its pathogenicity. Nano Silver is an antimicrobial agent that has been shown to be an effective treatment against E. coli, S. aureus, and even the HIV-1 virus, but I can find no studies that show it is effective against a filovirus (HIV is a retrovirus).

Ebola infects endothelial cells by tricking the immune system into helping it lock onto the endothelial cell’s outer membrane, and it further tricks the human immune system by sending out short glycoproteins (sGPs) that create what’s called a ‘cytokine storm’ to throw the body into chaos.  Think of these sGPs as similar to the ‘counter-measures’ used by submarines against torpedoes.

Terrified people want their leaders to ‘do something’, so this inexpensive ‘fix’ will likely be welcomed with open arms and mouths (ready to gobble up meds or take injections). Each person is a volunteer in a massive in vivo experimental trial.

I would love it if this ‘simple’ remedy works.  Let’s pray it does.

Read the entire WSJ report here: Ebola Virus: Nigerian Patients to Be Given Experimental Drug – WSJ.