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EIKON: Engineering a New God, Part III

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This article is part 3 of a series originally published at SkyWatch Magazine. Part I may be read here, and Part II, here.

[I]magine entering the Temple in Jerusalem and finding a massive statue of the new AntiChrist ruler, either a physical, robotic entity with computerized SuperWiFi capabilities that connect it to the Super AI mainframe or a holographic projection, provided by this sentient, demonically inhabited Artificial Intelligence, which I will call a DAI or Demonic Artificial Intelligence.

This gigantic humanoid figure might even appear to be flesh and blood, built by nanotechnology—for those who have seen the newer version of Battlestar Gallactica, imagine a giant CYLON. The Cylons were indistinguishable from humans, even at the cellular level.

As you look, this enormous GOD speaks, smiles, perhaps laughs, pardons his supplicants, punishes his enemies, and HE KNOWS ALL that you do and all you have done. There may even be a false judgment SEAT, where everyone is shown his/her life and told to choose whom he/she will serve now. All past sins are forgiven, he might say. You may now choose LIFE or DEATH. Life means you take the mark and enter into a false millennial reign where he promises that all will be beautiful and everyone is fed, clothed, and happy. Continue reading

Suggested Reading – Avogadro Corp: The Singularity Is Closer Than It Appears

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Paradigm Shift: The Singularity Sentience threatens Earth in the shape of a massive ship contained within a deady energy cloud in Star Trek the Motion Picture.

[I]f you’ve spent any time on this site or listening to our netcasts at PIDRadio.com, then the concept of ‘the singularity’ is not new. Transhumanist proponent Ray Kurzweil has been predicting a coming singularity moment, when the ‘law of accelerating returns’ brings us to a technological/biological merging of man and machine–yielding an artificial intelligence that can fine-tune its own programming. This biomachine would then expand to the cosmos, consuming and transforming the universe into mere components of itself. Finally this new construct would BECOME the universe, though in a new, godlike way. The universe would become sentient. Continue reading

Human Brain Project to Launch This Year

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[D]espite what we’re told through most media memes, the human brain is far more complicated than modern computers. Neuroscientists admit that the organic interactions between our minds and our bodies constitute ‘the most mysterious phenomenon of the universe’.

Beginning this year, a cooperative project consisting of thirteen (yes, I said ’13’) European regions along with 80 or more ‘partners’ will endeavor to unravel the mystery known as the human brain. The initial phase of this project involved building “an integrated system of six ICT-based research platforms, providing neuroscientists, medical researchers and technology developers with access to highly innovative tools and services that can radically accelerate the pace of their research.[…]…a Neurorobotics Platform, allowing neuroscience and industry researchers to experiment with virtual robots controlled by brain models developed in the project.” Continue reading

I Sing the Brain Electric: Science Moves Another Step Closer to Artificial Intelligence

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body electric tz

A robotic ‘grandmother’ says goodbye to her family in ‘I Sing the Body Electric’.

[I]f you’re my age, then you must remember the Twilight Zone episode ‘I Sing the Body Electric’. The script was written by none other than scifi icon, Ray Bradbury, who based the title on a Walt Whitman poem of the same title.  The TZ episode featured three children who had lost their mother, so their father took them to a place called Facsimile Ltd. to design their very own robot ‘grandmother’. If you’ve not seen the program, I won’t spoil it, but you’ve learned enough to realize why I’ve chosen to title this post ‘I Sing the Brain Electric’. Continue reading