Someone Will Eventually Use CRISPR to Try to Make a Dragon or Unicorn | Motherboard

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[N]o, I didn’t write this, but the article makes a very good point. The day is coming when someone will decide to try creating completely unique animals by rewriting DNA. Jurassic World is just around the corner.

The world’s top geneticists decided to spend the vast majority of last week discussing how to keep new genetic editing tools from ultimately destroying the human race. A noble goal, sure. But considerably less time has been spent discussing how genetically editing other species might change the idea of “nature” as we know it.

A future where the gene editing technique CRISPR/Cas9 is used by DIY biologists,genetic engineering startups, and even artists create fanciful organisms straight out of sci-fi is not just possible—it’s likely, argue two of the country’s top bioethicists.

Read the entire article here: Someone Will Eventually Use CRISPR to Try to Make a Dragon or Unicorn | Motherboard

Liberia: Ebola Survivors to Undergo Three Specialized Tests –

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[I]t’s good to see a long-term study involving Ebola survivors. Medical professionals in the past have apparently left the area as soon as the initial outbreak is contained, but this time they’ve chosen to monitor survivors who have complained of chronic vision, cognitive, and neuromuscular problems, despite being declared cured.

Ebola virus lingers in some ‘protected’ tissues for at least 9 months after recovery (this time span is likely to lengthen as the study continues). Here’s a snippet from October 23rd’s article:

About 1,500 Ebola survivors targeted for enrollment in the on-going Natural History Study on the Ebola virus are to shortly undergo three additional medical tests to determine their health status.The study is also known as the Joint Liberia-US Partnership for Research on Ebola in Liberia (PREVAIL).

Source: Liberia: Ebola Survivors to Undergo Three Specialized Tests –

FICTION: Skin Walkers, Part IV (Chapters 7-9)

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This is the fourth installment of a novella, originally published at SkyWatch Magazine. Here are the links to the first three installments: Part I, Part II, Part III. Warning, some content may be disturbing, because it deals with spiritual warfare and the unseen. 

Chapter Seven

[G]ranny Amburgey lived in a one-room cabin up on Ford’s mountain.  The roads that the coal company had built ended halfway up the steep incline, so what few visitors chose to scale the mountain did so either by foot or by mule.

John Thundercloud had borrowed a three-year-old mule, one of Wash’s favorites named Daisy, and she now carried the long-legged Winnebago slowly up May’s Branch Road toward the summit. The trail that wound up the side of Ford’s mountain seemed like a thin ribbon of dirt to the Indian.  Recent rains had left the dirt-packed trail rutted and muddy, and low-lying pine branches slapped and scratched at Thundercloud’s arms and face all along the way. Up ahead near the crest of the hill, Millard Collins’ mule trotted along at a quicker pace, and the young Collins seemed unperturbed by the pines that blocked their way.  “Nearly there, Mr. Thundercloud!” he called back over his shoulder.  “Just over this rise here.” Continue reading

EIKON: Engineering a New God, Part III

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This article is part 3 of a series originally published at SkyWatch Magazine. Part I may be read here, and Part II, here.

[I]magine entering the Temple in Jerusalem and finding a massive statue of the new AntiChrist ruler, either a physical, robotic entity with computerized SuperWiFi capabilities that connect it to the Super AI mainframe or a holographic projection, provided by this sentient, demonically inhabited Artificial Intelligence, which I will call a DAI or Demonic Artificial Intelligence.

This gigantic humanoid figure might even appear to be flesh and blood, built by nanotechnology—for those who have seen the newer version of Battlestar Gallactica, imagine a giant CYLON. The Cylons were indistinguishable from humans, even at the cellular level.

As you look, this enormous GOD speaks, smiles, perhaps laughs, pardons his supplicants, punishes his enemies, and HE KNOWS ALL that you do and all you have done. There may even be a false judgment SEAT, where everyone is shown his/her life and told to choose whom he/she will serve now. All past sins are forgiven, he might say. You may now choose LIFE or DEATH. Life means you take the mark and enter into a false millennial reign where he promises that all will be beautiful and everyone is fed, clothed, and happy. Continue reading