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Standing at the Mirror of Time

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[Y]esterday afternoon, I read an intriguing post at Before Its News about today’s date and its relationship to the Blood Moons Tetrad. Today is the center point for the Tetrad, but it’s more than that. If you examine a graphic within the linked page above, you’ll see that today is the mirror point for a major pattern in time and space. The mirror shown in the graphic (left–click to enlarge) begins with the Dec. 21, 2010 and concludes with Jan. 6, 2019. Take some time to examine the graphic and take heed of ‘who sees’ these events.

Now, let me mention something else–something special about mirrors and today’s date. If you’ve seen the film ‘Knowing’, then you are familiar with the concept of backwards concealment. In the film, which stars Nicholas Cage as a physicist [John Koestler] who is forced to examine his concept of consequence and faith, a girl in 1959 writes a series of numbers on a sheet of paper that is then included in a time capsule. Fifty years later, the sealed page is opened by Kosetler’s son. This seemingly random set of numbers is decoded by Koestler, who realizes that the numbers indicate dates/body counts/and coordinates. The final entry on the page is the date October 19, 2009 and a backwards EE which looks like ’33’ to Koestler. It is the girl’s daughter in 2009, who remembers that her mother often wrote numbers and letters backwards, so the ‘EE’ must mean something. Of course, the horrifying truth is that it means ‘Everyone Else’. Continue reading

Derek and Sharon Gilbert Join the SkyWatch TV Team!

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[S]kyWatch TV and Gilbert House Ministries are delighted to announce that Derek and Sharon Gilbert will be joining the SkyWatch TV network team beginning in March, 2015 (listen to PID Radio announcing the BIG NEWS).

The Gilberts are already well-known to most of the Raiders News and SkyWatch TV faithful. The couple began an online ministry in 2005 before the term ‘podcasting’ became a household world. Their interview programs, PID Radio and View from the Bunker provide weekly content to tens of thousands of listeners across the globe. And their newest program, Gilbert House Fellowship, provides a weekly intense study of God’s word to thousands of listeners who have no home church. Continue reading

Impostor: Gary Sinise and the Aliens

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impostor‘Impostor’ is a chilling tale of alien infiltration and government control. Yes, I know the word is really spelled ‘imposter’, but the film’s title is spelled with an ‘or ending, which I assume is intentional on writer Philip K. Dick’s part. Gary Sinise stars as Dr. Spencer Olham, a patriotic pacifist who heads up a secretive science division within the defense department. The year is 2079, and Earth has been at war with aliens from Alpha Centauri since 2024, when Centauri ships attacked, killing millions and destroying major landmarks (like Washington, D.C.). Cities rebuilt and added protective force field domes that (theoretically) prevent the Centauri from reaching the major, protected cities. Of course, the less ‘significant’ cities burn. Continue reading