Pike’s Peak 2 Registration is Here!

PIKESPEAK2_960wide-banner-maker2 [M]any of our PID Radio listeners have told us that they wished they could have made it to Pike’s Peak last year for the Prophecy Summit. Well, Derek and I are delighted to tell all of you that there is a second summit scheduled for July of this year, and the registration desk is open at PITN! Colorado Springs is the perfect setting for fun and fellowship, but add to that a list of speakers including Stan Deyo, Mark Biltz, Gary Stearman, Bill Salus, LA Marzulli, and many more, you can’t miss! Derek and I will be there again this year, presenting talks but also recording interviews with the guest speakers for View from the Bunker (www.vftb.net). The hotel filled up very quickly last year, so put in your reservations today by clicking the above banner or going to www.prophecyinthenews.com.

Tony Blair and Bill Clinton Globalize ‘Faith’ and ‘Community’

September 25, 2008

WITH ALL THE monumental spin surrounding the looming, United States financial crisis, most would be hard-pressed to notice two potent little events taking place this week: The annual meeting of The Clinton Global Initiative and a special, online event from The Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

According to a letter at the Faith Foundation website, September 25th, 2008 marks the ‘the midway point for achieving the goals [Millennium Development Goals] by 2015′. Continue reading “Tony Blair and Bill Clinton Globalize ‘Faith’ and ‘Community’”

Coming Soon: TEOTWAWKI

September 22, 2008

WHAT IF you received a letter this morning telling you that the world would completely transform in just one week — that September 30th marks ‘The End of The World As We Know It” (TEOTWAWKI)? No, I’m not setting a date. I’m proposing a possibility.

September 30/October 1st represents the Jewish New Year, celebrated as Rosh Hashanah (‘head of the year’). This remarkable ‘Feast of Trumpets’ covers a span of two days because the actual beginning of the feast coincides with the first sighting of the new moon, confirmed by ‘two witnesses’. In other words, no man knows the ‘day or the hour’ when Rosh Hashanah will begin, save God Almighty. This is one reason that some prophecy scholars (myself included) believe the Rapture could fall during this two-day feast.

Ok, I can already imagine the comments this post will likely get, but let me ask you to set aside any arguments just for a moment, for the point of this article is not whether or not Jesus will translate His Bride on Rosh Hashanah. No, the reason I am writing this is to challenge each of you (and myself) to prayerfully, honestly consider the implications of meeting Christ face-to-face one week from now. Continue reading “Coming Soon: TEOTWAWKI”

16 Dead? Did 21 US Soldiers Attempt ‘Mass Suicide’ in Iraq?

September 10, 2008

HERE’S A STORY we might not hear on the nightly news — assuming it’s true. According to PressTV and Alalam (both Iranian news sources), 21 US Airborne Division soldiers attempted mass suicide after dinner one evening in Iraq. The details are murky at best — no specific unit information is given, nor are we told the city where this took place. PressTV claims to have gleaned its scant information from a Fars News Agency story, but a quick search at FNA’s website has turned up no related articles. Mind you, I searched the English language version of FNA, so it’s possible the Farsi version would have found the article.

While it’s disturbing enough to read that 21 US soldiers may have tried to commit mass suicide (5 are said to have survived, leaving 16 dead), the description of their condition is even more disturbing: Continue reading “16 Dead? Did 21 US Soldiers Attempt ‘Mass Suicide’ in Iraq?”